The World Goes Round and Round and
the Ukulele is BACK!

The recent resurgence of the Ukulele has caught the imagination of Yours Truly
SkallyWagz Guitarist Joe Palmieri (a.k.a. Dr. Bones) and prompted him to create a
site dedicated to the ubiquitous Ukulele! Herein lie some of his favorite Ukes and
Ukulele links and videos. So let's get tropical and we wish you a most sincere "Aloha"!

Kaai Koa Ukulele circa 1915

This Ukulele has an impressive history! It is a family heirloom of the SkallyWagz
very own Lisa Haze! It was recently found amongst her Grandparents belongings.
It was
dusty, neglected, and unplayed for at least 30 years. There was a crack in
the face, the entire "heel" was broken apart and the neck was loose. We took it
to the Folk Music Center in Claremont California to see what could be done.
That was a great decision! Their luthier Richard identified it as a Koa Ukulele
made by the Ernest K. Kaai Ukulele company around 1915. He did an incredible
job repairing it and today it sound beautiful. It has a whole new life and
perhaps it will be played for another 100 years!
Bye the way, the portrait on the back is believed to be Lisa's grandmother Eila,
so we have given the ukulele the same name. Long Live "Eila"!

Ohana SK-35WG Ukulele

My first Ukulele! This one was bought for me on my birthday by our lovely lead
singer Lisa Haze! It is an incredible first ukulele. It is a soprano sized uke with a solid
cedar top and willow back and sides. Check out the beautiful wood grain pattern
on the back and the great trim detailing. This ukulele REALLY has a distinctive voice.
And the best thing about it, it got me totally hooked on the ukulele!

Ohana CK-35E Ukulele

I was so enamored with the Ukulele that I had to work it into the SkallyWagz shows!
The quality of the Willow Ohana Uke was great so I got another Ohana.
This model has a solid mahogany neck, face, back and sides and an active
pickup and equalizer built in so I can crank it up live at band performances.
It's working out fantastic, this Uke was an excellant choice for live performances!

Ukulele Video

Dr. Bones Band First Show!

"Lisa Haze and the Dr. Bones Band"
performed an unrehearsed and totally awesome jam at the
fabulous Monrovia Association of Fine Arts annual show.
Many many thanks to Horn-Slingers Scotty and Jerry
for adding an incredibly cool vibe! Hi-dee-hi-dee-hi
check out this video!

Check out the first Video for our New Project
"Lisa Haze and the Dr. Bones Band"


Video from a recent SkallyWagz show in Canyon Country!


















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