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What's more Rock and Roll than a Cool Guitar?
Nothin'- That's what! Rock music would never have been possible without
the invention of the Electric Guitar. There's nothing quite like strapping on
an axe, cranking up the amp to eleven and trying to melt some faces!
In that spirit, I'd like to share some of my favorite guitars with all of you!

Minarik Inferno

This isn't just a fantastic guitar, it's a piece of art. Solid mahogany body and neck
(with preciecly calculated "tone chambers" to keep down the weight and enhance
the sound), dual hummbuckers, real abalone and mother of pearl binding and
fret markers and a truly incredible attention to detail make this guitar as much
of a pleasure to play as it is to look at! This particular model is the
Inferno/Cherub in the newly available honey burst finish.
Check out this and other devastating guitars at the Minarik Guitars website!

1966 Rickenbacker

This is one beautiful guitar. The '66 Rickenbacker 450/12 is the solid body
version of the classic 12 string guitars made famous by psychedelic 60's bands
such as the Byrds. This particular example is 100 % stock with the original
"toaster" pickups that give it that classic Byrds 12 string twang. The fact that
this model is a solid body makes it an incredibly fun guitar to play live: you can
kick on the lead overdrive with out fear of excessive feedback for some really
wild sounds! This guitar is truly unique.

1965 Gibson
Melody Maker 3/4

This Guitar is a lead monster! I'd like to say its in stock/mint condition but it's
not. I bought it at a swap meet 20 years ago for $45, and unfortunately, the previous
owner tried unsuccessfully to "hot rod" it. As soon as I picked it up and
felt the neck, I knew I had to save it! It gathered dust for years until I had a
really excellant guitar tech work it over.
So now it features a brass nut, Schaller tuners, a hotshot "baby grand" bridge/tailpiece
and a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup. And it smokes! I guess that sometimes
you CAN teach an old Dog new tricks!

1976 Ibanez Destroyer

My first "pro" guitar! This beauty is one of the last of the "pre-lawsuit"
Ibanez guitars. It is an almost perfect replica of a Gibson Explorer, but
made out of Korina wood. A series of lawsuits caused Ibanez to change the
later Destroyer body shape slightly.

This particular guitar is absolutely stock except for the DiMarzio Super Distortion
pickup (they were very popular at the time) that I added later.
The neck is incredible. Something else I noticed..... ANYONE that puts this
guitar on looks like a TOTAL ROCK STAR!

1978 Ibanez Iceman

This guitar was Japans answer to the Les Paul. After getting sued in the mid-'70s
by Gibson and Fender for making WAY to perfect copies of Les Pauls and Strats,
four of Japans guitar manufactures got together to create the Iceman.

Although it was never the most popular guitar offered, you've got to admit
that this design ROCKS. Incredible attention to details such as the cream binding,
trapazoid inlays, the half bone/half brass nut, and the brass sustain block
embeded under the Rock of Gibralter bridge make this guitar one of the
most reliable and best sounding axes in my collection! I found this beauty
a few years ago in a guitar shop in Pomona, and they even had the original
fitted case with the Olive green crushed velvet lining! Way too cool!


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